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Our people come first.


We’re a family with a culture of excellence. When you walk in our office, you won’t see the typical brokerage firm. We’re all about music, laughter, and collaboration.



We care about your growth.


Through training and education, we provide the resources you need to be successful. It’s about opportunity and growing both personally and professionally. Our leaders offer the mentorship and knowledge you need to be a better agent and to better serve our customers.



Your journey towards success.


We embrace dreaming big, motivating anyone that crosses our path and innovating to become better at what we do. We are results oriented and lead others with helping hands. We work together to become an unstoppable team, serving customers with confidence and integrating integrity, transparency, and stability in all our interactions with our customers and the greater communities that we serve and are proud to be a part of.



Competitive commission splits.


While it may be tempting to affiliate with the company that pays the highest commission split, what you are really looking for is where you will earn the most income. For example, 80 or 90 percent of two deals is much less than 50 percent of 10 deals. How much you earn is contingent primarily upon how hard you work.

We understand, one size does not fit all. Because of this, we have 3 levels of splits to help you grow your career.

Level 1) AVO Launch Team 

Level 2) AVO Join a Team 

Level 3) AVO Enterprise (100% commission)



Mentorship & Coaching.


AVO offers a training culture which provides better-quality agents and higher production. We encourage you to take advantage of our weekly training sessions as well as seek training outside the company to enhance your expertise in the industry.


In addition, we offer accountability & coaching programs. Many new agents have challenges transitioning from a work environment to being in an independent contractor environment where you set your own hours and activities. By the same token, experienced agents often struggle with staying on track.

Our accountability program can help both achieve success more easily.



Full-time administrative support team.


We have a full-time administrative staff on board to help with all your administrative, marketing & transaction tasks. Including in-house Transaction Coordinator, Listing Coordinator, Client Concierge Coordinator, Lead Follow up Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator & Marketing & Social Media Assistant. 



Innovative technology.


Join our team to access the best tools and resources available to real estate professionals. Earn top commissions while learning about and implementing innovative marketing materials and lead management technology in a supportive environment full of seasoned professionals. Everything you need to grow a successful career while also offering superior services to clients and customers can all be found here.

Team members have access to the most robust, user-friendly technology available on the market. Including smart search technology and other convenient tools to streamline your processes and effectively engage with more clients.

With our tools at your fingertips, you will always be able to offer the most accurate picture of the local market. Listings are updated in real-time so that a client never misses out on an opportunity.



Community involvement. We Care.